Friday, August 20, 2010



cmc?????what across in your skull when we talk a bout 'cmc' hurm..what's that???is the c  stands for chair??cayhhh??comot??cengeng??
cendol??cenol?? the m stands for maruku??molly?malina??muna??meg7??hurm..still wondering??me too..still wondering about this..
by the way,let me tell u the truth~ announcement! cmc stands for caca marba chala..haha..just named it..huhu..just kidding.

actually, it just a simple word.phrase n sentence..but give a big and deep meaning..yeah~ perhaps..there is an interesting story behind the spooky 'words' called 'cmc'

story begin with a shiny2bright day..huhu..all meg7 were preparing their roles in drama..but there are three little 'cute' persons who sat at the bench..thinking of their future kot..
hahaha...but..something happened during that time..all have been change when one of the person shout cmc! arghh~..what a shame!haha...she thought that no one could hear her 'matured' voice..
but it is fake at comes to a failure..the two friend 'blurred'..maybe they were lacked of nerve respond quickly..haha..
wow!the pleasant n such a calm day burst to a big big big was very funny~who ever heard this..forsurely he or she could not bear to laugh or at least they will make a small giggle..hihihi

next..all meg7 had a trip to sunway lagoon..such a great n fabulous day!alhamdulillah..once again..these three person together-gether..haha..entered the SCREAM PARK!!very noisy actually.hush!.all of them..could not eager to enjoy the haunted house..
it's a long time they have not been there..nevermind....they continued their journey to the 'HOUSE' for a second time actually just to accompany their friend..yeah~that's what we call a friend(like Busy told to me before)right Busy?hehe...
yeah!!almost there!!where the main precursor of cmc exist until now n forever..the happy three frineds make a trademark in the haunted house..the trademark was blurted out..when there was an interruption from the ghost!!..
when INFRONT PERSON said,"c****"!! the next continued with "m*****!" and last but not least, thrid person will coolly said."c***"..hahhaa..what a funny~
the journey of the haunted house turned from scary to enjoy moment..

from that day~ the meaningful of cmc..have been created..n is comercialised..among the meg7..huhu...
so, that's how the cmc have been triggered to of the cmc will be excreted,, meaning someone will be leaving..which is "C"..C will be no longer with us at all..but dont be too sad..cmc will be mortalised by the this strong powerful word 'CMC'
as long as this blog is read..ceyhhh..mcm dlm sonnet 18 poem..

ACTUALLY...what is CMC???
haa...gud question..

lets go chibi,,bye2 chan..hehe

this is true story but it does not involve to the corpse or human..huhu..


  1. hahhaa...tunggang langgang kot..terok2..

  2. haha.. ceyh.. ni nampak sgt sengaja menunggang langgangkan.. haha..

    three little 'cute' persons... erk..