Saturday, March 5, 2011

dup dap dup dap

well it's been a long time i've been here,,
from 9 Feb until what so ever(rolling the eyes)
it's kinda fun to have it but kinda boring
BORING??-not really-
fullfill my leisure time with my family in a well-developed shelter called house
just like you pinch your nose tightly and try to make some awkward noise,,
it will amuse yourself right??
you might try it!
i know-->ridiculous-joke
kidding2 0_0
now,,i can feel there will be a distance between us(me and my family)
i'm going back to Mesir~
i dont know perhaps i might have a strange plus weird feeling
oh oh oh,,so sad
maybe when i got myself with a million miles away from my family
frankly speaking im truly appreciate them so much!!
just like people always murmured-->we dont bother what's near,but we really appreciate when far.
im not sure where the phrase come from,,but its simply came across my heart then pass to my mind a few minutes ago,,huhuh..
-shrug the shoulder and just pretend you are right-(a short dialog in my liver)
one thing i would like to share is
yesterday is history
tomorrow is a mystery
but today is a gift..

so,just rejoice yourself with your family for every minute.
why??because every minute just like a gold

i hope my family will happy ever after,,

and thats the end

i dont know why and why i put this video again,,but seriously this video tickles my stomach until i got stomach ache,,haha,,ALHANY'S FAMILY,,(sempoiiiii~)

this video -NOT READY LARRR!-

is this video tickle your stomach??
if yes,,
please tick right symbol on -interesting-
thank you,,hehe

*pssst,,i think you should see the full screen one,,because the powerful triggers is there,,
enjoy your scene!you will feel it!

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