Monday, February 14, 2011

fear FACTOR~

for the first time i drove the car far far away from my taman perumahan,,n jauh2 lagi,,
mashaAllah,,i cant believe it,,i can do it,,
at the beginning,,i felt like there was a BUTTERFLY in my stomach,,the power nervous enveloped myself very tightly,,haha(almost 5 months i didnt touch the car...*just imagine)
but i have been forced to do~
i have to..*no choice at all
as ayah dont have others instead of meeeeeeee,,to send the car to workshop,,

haha,,yg funny nyer,,mama refused to ride with me,,
she dont want to accompany me(maybe afraid),,but same goes to me,,haha
i cant concentrate if she besides me,,coz she will bla3,,,hhehhe
yeahh~coz SHE IS A MOTHER,,it's a common,,

i must have the confident(told myself),,yup~
i did it!
but i'm just cant imagine i drove waja and myvi with full of enthusiasm,,i thought just then,,
waja-->going to workshop(alone)
myvi-->going to JJ wangsa maju(accompanied by sisters and brother)

ayah told me:
"muna,,sometimes we must use our commonsense in driving,,ok"


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