Thursday, November 25, 2010

memory cell develope in my brain

first and foremost,,,Give thanks to Allah,

For the moon and the stars
Prays in all day for,
What is and what was
Take hold of your iman
Don't give it to shaitan
Oh you who believe please give thanks to Allah.


2 consecutive days was such a dreadful one,,i hope it will not occur again,,yes,,hope n still hope not occur again,,
it was just a silly blunder which affect all aspect--> the mood,emotion n ofcourse the condition of the body,,woooh~(sigh)..astaghfirullah,,

aaaa,,,tension2,,just small matter to think about it,,but give lots of meaning!!!
-passport photo-

again,,,simple but very harmful

-passport photo-

the air blew just nicely make the body very cold at that moment,,wheeww~could feel the freshness but there is something behind the particles of the air,,-a problem came-

where is your passport photo????

toink2,,in a blink of eye,,,mouth close tightly and automatically,,indicates no action,,o_o

forgot!!!!!to bring!!!!!at home!!!!!!


involuntarily made a walking speed and sometime running to reach home as i dont want to miss such a sweet,marvellous,bravo class with dr,Sameh Doss,,

but how can i do??

just let it be~*redha*

i made my sweat gland secrete sweat as much as i could,,just because of what??

to take A SHAHADAH,,or we call it certificate  bla3,,,

today,to make visa,,the same incident happened again,,and unfortunately it was me again!!!hahahhaa,,,

where is my passport photo????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deep inside my heart,,i kept cursing myself,,how silly i am,,silly mistake,,but,,istighfar is better,,,astaghfirullah,,calm and patient i must accept the truth,,

Allah knows~

just a silly mistake i lost my friend,,where are they??they left me with my body only,,meaning,,me i,,n myownself,,they went first to there,,


went back to imarah and take it with full of frustration and ofcourse in a disaster way,,

but after all,,alhamdulillah,,,all access,,-mission accomplish-as mentioned in RED ALERT when a mission had achieved a big victory,,

consequence of this bad day,,i thought my brain has developed a memory cell,,which is -(passport photo cell)-not T cell or B cell ok,,
and was created by me just because of THIS,,

and that's the end,,

just because of small n cute passport photo,,
my own day had ruined


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